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Exposition Flyer Head-End Cars

A couple of years ago, I posted my review of a PSC BE-1 Ex-troop kitchen car. At the time, this was my first Expo-dedicated head-end car. Today, I'm happy to own four different head-end cars for this extraordinary train. Here are some shots of this group for future reference. It's been thrilling to hunt and model these cars, and I hope  such passion will come across these pictures. While this is not a complete possible group of cars, as with everything Expo this would be an impossibility since there was never two same consists within the 10 year run.




Western Pacific Harriman Type Baggage Express



CB&Q XM-32 Express Boxcar




CB&Q RPO Class MB-23



Images (25)
  • DSC04109
  • DSC04046
  • DSC04065
  • DSC04083
  • DSC04106
  • DSC04113
  • DSC05041
  • DSC05046
  • DSC05066
  • DSC05081
  • DSC05208
  • DSC06654
  • DSC06657
  • DSC06665
  • DSC06722
  • DSC06744
  • DSC06678
  • DSC07016
  • DSC07024
  • DSC07028
  • DSC07035
  • DSC07040
  • DSC07060
  • DSC07085
  • DSC07093
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Not long ago, I completed my first resin build. This Rails Unlimited 50’ express reefer will find its place behind my L-105 and other Exposition Flyer engines. It features full undercarriage detailing, Protocraft trucks with body-mounted safety chains, Protocraft couplers and Protocraft, Micro-Scale-printed decals.  



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  • 2697684E-5A06-4F0A-A7F1-05F137E2340E
  • F537260A-3E64-435A-A6F6-35FEA57631A6

Great looking model! You make it look right! 🏆👍I have not seen that published article with the Rio Grande society how did that turn out? I'll keep an eye out for it. ❤️

Even though they were very decent and straightforward about it they didn’t publish the images on the Prospector Mag. The editor couldn’t fit it. They did publish it in their electronic newsletter version.

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