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Just a few pics of my most recent find. Fandor electric 0-4-0. Pretty good condition. Haven't done anything with it yet. Too many other little projects on the work bench. Any info would be appreciated. If any one has a spare boiler front laying around, let me know. The electrics had a light, the clockwork did not.



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I pulled out my one reference on Fandor in the hopes of solving your mystery but I'm afraid no joy.  What I can offer is a picture of one of my Fandor engines which is of similar construction (it too is not pictured/described in my reference) and give you the numerical ID's and years of production of other engines that resemble our engines.

All of the reference information  for the similar engines listed below indicates build dates in the 1930-1932 time frame.

My locomotive


  The biggest difference between yours and mine is the brush locations - mine are horizontal and yours are vertical. The line and rivet litho detail on your boiler is red whereas mine is yellow/gold and, unless they are just missing pieces on your engine, handrails leading from the boiler front to the pilot.

  Reference Information

  Engine 1015/18 - the biggest difference between this and mine is the cab construction - this engine is pictured with cab windows completely stamped from sheet metal whereas the rear cab window on my engine (and yours) is only partially stamped from sheet and has a metal rod to define the rear part of the rear window.

  Engine 1016/18 has a cab that looks like both of our engines and the brushes are mounted vertically as on your engine.  What it doesn't have are elephant ears, the smokestack is narrower and slightly taller and it has a center mounted headlight that doesn't match the center mounting on my engine (and I would infer probably not on your engine either).


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