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briansilvermustang posted:



                                            happy " F E F " everyone 



                                       a  present from Santa Marci ... 


                  HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND EVERYONE !    and a  HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!







Wow, Brian, nice presents'...  And A Very Happy New Year to you and Marci too.  All the best in 2020'...🥂👍🏻🎆🎈

Here are a couple of PRR H (2-8-0) models.

H6 vs H10 [3)

The first wide firebox H6 (on the right), the H6a, was first built in 1901 and the last H6b was built in 1913.  A total of 1,845 H6a and b engines were built with 699 superheated in the 1920s.  These were Pennsy's primary freight haulers until the H8 started to arrive a little later in 1907 and took over mainline duties.  The last iteration of the 2-8-0, the H10s (on the left), arrived in 1913.  A total of 1,206 H8, H9, and H10 models were built, with many of the H8 engines rebuilt into H9.  The H10 is a Weaver model, and the H6 is a 3rd Rail model.  Both have ERR installations, and the H10 has an operating ElectroCoupler for branch line duties.

Note:  There was no H7.


Images (1)
  • H6 vs H10 (3)
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Good afternoon, Pennsy M1A # 6715 is sitting in the hole while Pennsy K4 # 3858 flys pass on the engineers side with a daily local passenger train and one head end milk car while Pennsy L1 # 520 pass on the  fire mans side on the outer main line with a long boxcar drag.

Anyone in the mood for a Pennsy sandwich ?

Thru the trees beyond all this main line action a Pennsy B6 is shuffling load coal hoppers for Fritzville Coal.

The kids are getting a great show while they take a break from ice skating.

Happy FFE everyone and I hope everyone is having a festive holiday season !!!!!


Images (3)
  • image: Busy times on the Pennsy
  • image: Pennsy M1 # 6715 firemans Veiw of L1 # 520
  • image: Pennsy # 7682 B6 Switcher
Quarter Gauger 48 posted:
BAR GP7 #63 posted:

My Christmas present. My good friend John scratch build that S.B.R. FM Trainmaster.  Really nice detailing work. ❤


❤  Wow!!! Johan, that is one beautiful Trainmaster''.. and all your photos are completely outstanding'...  Excellent presentation'...

Ted. Thank you very much.🤝


Happy new decade F E F!

Standing on the platform at Johnstown, Pa c. 1998:


The Capitol a mile east of Meyersdale, Pa climbing the hill towards Sand Patch c. 1998:


BR&P [compound] Mallet shoving hard c. 1930:


Bennington Curve in the background:


In the background a B&O excursion ready to leave Pittsburgh c. mid-50s:


Santa Fe passenger Geeps idling the day away at Grand Canyon, Az c. early-60s:



And finally, just to add a bit of confusion:


This is the Front End of this train because on the PER all Southbound moves to Interchange are shoves because no runaround. 



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  • P000082
  • IMG_8173
  • IMG_0010
  • IMG_0011
  • IMG_0013
  • P000120
  • IMG_0015
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CAPPilot posted:

Here is a comparison of the front end of a Pennsy BP20 (left) and the front end of a BF16 (right).

DSC_0010a [1)

The BP20 is a Weaver passenger Shark and the BF16 is a Lionel freight Shark. The Weaver's color looks closer to DGLE.

 Both are nice looking units'.  The Weaver appears to have a better fit and finish.  The Lionel appears beefier.  I wonder which one is the more prototypical?

I didn’t plan ahead this week, so here are some front end shots that I just took of a Miami Metrorail coming southbound into the Government Center station before heading home from work.

FYI - That is the Virgin Train/Brightline Station complex to the right of the elevated tracks.  The southernmost part of the station are the Tri-Rail platforms, where Tri-Rail was to begin one-seat ride service to Downtown in Miami in 2017, then 2018, then 2019, then 2020.    Well, you get the picture.  Another story for another time.

Happy FEF!!!






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  • 20200103_171153
  • 20200103_171154
  • 20200103_171158
  • 20200103_171205
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PRRronbh posted:
Apples55 posted:
RSJB18 posted:

One more

2019-12-30 16.01.27

Blast it... you people around here are going to make me like those BL-2’s despite how ugly they are   The one thing in my favor is that I only run TMCC and Legacy, so it would take Lionel making one to pry open my wallet!!!

Sure you will not have second thoughts?




Has anyone ever told you that you are a bad influence??? But if Lionel (or Atlas) ever makes one, I hope it will be the demonstrator - really sharp paint scheme.

PSAP2010 posted:

Paul, if you really want one , you could always buy an MTH PS1 version and have it converted to TMCC.  



Another bad influence is heard from!!!  

But seriously, Larry, the thought did cross my mind, but I have no idea what would be involved (other than money!!!). I do own one MTH engine, a shelf queen Metro North Genesis in NH livery, which I would consider for a conversion. 

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