c.sam posted:

Hey Ted,  where did you find the '57 Dodge?

Great shot sir..


Sam, apologize for the late response, I didn’t see your post.  Here’s the nomenclature on the Dodge.

Dodge Custom Royal Lancer Convertible, Red - White, 1959 made by Neo #44091 and sold by Diecast Direct.

A similar pic to last week but I've spent a bunch of time ballasting track and adding scenic details. Today you can see my EP-5 pulling in to the station with an Amtrak front end in the distance and some NH freight on the outside track.





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gandydancer1950 posted:

a contribution to Front End Friday.......N&W, 1959.....1959

Gandydancer, That entire vista is so fabulous, it makes me want to go down to the basement, rip out a whole section of the layout, and model every bit of that entire scene. I'm not, but it sure would feel great to give it a try! Thanks for that posting!


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