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While visiting the Greenbrier Resort, I took a few hours and railfanned CSX's former C&O mainline at the White Sulphur Springs Amtrak station across the road. I had not expected to see any coal loads on a Sunday, so seeing two (including one of CSX's CM44AC rebuilds) was a treat.
Train 1: Eastbound coal w/DPU (0:00)
ET44AC 3310 (YN3b)
ES44AH 922 (YN3b)
CM44AC 7002 (YN3b)
ES44AH 929 (YN3)
Train 2: Eastbound coal w/YN2 (4:36)
CW44AC 283 (YN3)
CW44AC 75 (YN2)
Train 3: Amtrak Cardinal P050 (EB) (6:43)
P42DC 181 (mechanical bell)
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Detour?  Trackage rights?  Run through?

Probably just regular traffic. This is CSX's AG sub, so the trains are on home rails. I forgot that while the mines are likely shut on Monday and Sunday, CSX may still load on Sunday from the stockpile, or be running Saturday turns as unit trains to Newport News or similar places.

The Cardinal was the truly unusual catch of the day, being that it was running with at least one fewer sleeper and coach due to COVID, and the toilet paper that was waved at me from the cab.

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