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Most of the electronic tools that Harbor Freight sells are  pure junk.  I know.  I worked there for a year and about 30% of everything we sold was later return for full refund, because the stuff was so fragile.

BUT, about 5% of the power tools were really a bargain and were rarely returned.  One of them was the classic Oscillating Cutter Tool (Multi-Tool).   They sell for about $25 to $35.  I used one very very heavily for 8 years before it burned out.  (The Bosch version sells for $135.  I have one, and it is really no better than the HF tool.)

The other great tools are the ones that John has listed above.  Hobbyist loved them and never returned them.  The only folks who returned them were auto-mechanics, who actually thought that they could use them every day in their repairs shops for cutting heavy steel.   


I agree with Mannyrock for a lot of the tools at HF.  I typically buy a tool at Harbor Freight that I may use once in a great while.  For something that's going to get everyday use, I buy name brand tools.  For instance, my go to power screwdriver is the DeWalt 8V MAX* Gyroscopic Inline Screwdriver, I use it so much that I've worn off much of the lettering on the adjustment collar!

My saws are the DeWalt jobsite 10" saw and I have an Hitachi chop saw, both have served me well.

For stuff I use once in a blue moon, the Harbor Freight stuff works fine.


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