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MTH's Aerotrain is a unique and popular set enjoyed by many O-gaugers but since it's a RailKing engine it lacks the things some of us enjoy such as smoke and having more motive power.

I've heard that some owners have modified their Aerotrain engines by adding a smoke unit, a larger rear motor, or both.

If you've done these mods or any others to your engine, please share your results with the rest of us explaining in detail how you did them along with the part numbers you used and pictures  or videos showing your mods and the results you achieved.

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There's no reason to add a larger rear motor, the motor is quite sufficient.  The issue with the rear truck is the oddball design with a single drive axle and the two pony wheels.  Unless you tweak this to get it tracking well, it's very troublesome.

I've toyed with the idea of adding smoke, I'm thinking of converting one of the two I have to TMCC.  I did add functional ditch lights to the PS/2 version.

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