Hi all.  First Post.  Need some quick help with a wiring Q

I'll try to explain... pic at bottom will help me explain it so much better...  also any other ideas/thoughts are appreciated.

I need to extend the wire from the Remote switch for my fastrack to the controller (flip switch pictured).  The wire is still connected at the actual track switch wire and then to a phone wire to give me more length.  My prob is trying to find out what color wire (and what they do) goes with each screw down section in the controller itself.

IE: Can you tell me which (color) switch wire goes to each screw slot?

Sorry, can't really explain it better.  This pic attached will help.  I am pointing at the area that I am hoping to have explained.  Appreciate it.



Those four screw downs that I am pointing too....   what wires should they match up from the lionel wire... (red, black, ywllow and green)... what slots go into this area here?

I guess if someone unscrewed theirs and sent a pic of it that would solve my problem... 





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If the controller is already hooked to the turnout then you can use a 4 conductor phone wire cable to replace what is already hooked up.  Simply take off one wire from controller and replace with phone wire, then use like color wire at turnout end.  Repeat for remaining wires, wire color makes no difference.

Or am I not understanding you question/problem

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