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Hello all,

I've had a train to put out for XMAS for the last few years. This year, the train would barely run, and then just stopped altogether. I removed all the cars and put just the engine on the track. Whenever the engine is on, the red light on the power block slowly fades out to next to nothing then comes back to full and then fades out again over and over. The engine light also fades and as mentioned won't run.  It's like the train is draining power for some reason.

What I've tried:

- I bought a new power block and power supply. Same issue.

- I bought a more powerful power block and power supply. Same issue.

- Cleaned the track with alcohol and other cleaners. Train still draining power.

- I also took the bottom off the train to see if the wheels were stuck but there was no indication of sticking.

I've searched a few places but haven't found any information on this. Has anyone seen this problem or have an idea on how to fix? I have since bought another train but would like to keep this one out year round. 

Thanks everyone!!

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I had one of these in my grandson's set- the motor died (started growling) during the second Christmas.  These motors are very small (but  a new one is only $18 from Lionel - probably less if you did some research.)

I replaced it w/ a LionChief Plus Pacific.  Cost more than the set!!  But a much better loco.  (Later replaced the motor on the PA Flyer, and use it as as switcher on my layout.)


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