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I finished a Slinky Dog using the motor from a RS-3. I was would like to know

if they used this motor/truck combination on other engines.  I don't know a way to

put in a part # and search for the engines it is used on.  I plan to make Mr. Rodgers Trolley

and a Wienermobile , so a dual engine would be preferable. Here is what it looks like.

Also if you build the Slinky Dog with rear truck with pickups, a flashing red light can be

added to the doggie's tail. Will post video later. UnclepeteRR

Original Post

The DC can motor truck arrangement you've referenced was used from the late 1980's to the current date for most starter set types of engines, but also for a variety of separate sale locos. All sorts of engines come to mind. Usually in the description it will say AC/DC operable (the circuit board reverse unit makes this possible) and "dual motors" and/or "maintenance free motor."

Anything with a Pullmor type of motors will usually say as much. It definitely won't say maintenance free motor. They do last longer, but need to be serviced and maintained.

Really, the best way to know is to have a catalog from a given year, and to look at that. Some Lionel engines had only one motorized truck (the RS-3 and the NW-2). Most others had dual motors. Most of these lower end Lionel diesels had an electronic train horn. Later on, Trainsounds was introduced into these types of engines.

The K-Line S-2, MP-15, Alco FA and RDC Budd Car also used a similar set up (but not identical gears). Later in the mid or late 1990's, K-Line added a horn to the MP-15. And some of the Alco FA's that had dummy units, also had the K-Line "Real Sounds."

Ready Made Trains also used the K-Line set up for their S-4 (Bang) and RDC (Buddy) albeit with a different spec motor that responds better at low speeds with a traditional Lionel transformer.

With any of these projects you're considering, you must be aware that unless you have the ability to run with DC current to the track, you'll need the circuit board or at least a bridge rectifier (one direction operation only) to use with an AC transformer.

Brian, Thank you for the response. Yes, I am aware of the need to

install a bridge. I had no idea these motor mounted trucks were

so common. I have never seem them on anything but  an RS-3. 

Here is a video of the Slinky Dog that someone else had done

first and posted. The rear truck has pickups so the doggie has

a blinking red light on his tail. I wire the track to a momentary 

switch (5" button) and kids can get the dog to extend and retract.

It is a big hit at public events I volunteer at. Realism,not so much.


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