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A bit of an introduction here:

Living in South-Central Pennsylvania, the ex-Conrail N21 cabooses are quite a common sight. I've seen up to FIVE at once in Norfolk Southern's Lancaster Yard. After some research, nothing remotely close to the N21 was ever produced, in brass or plastic. While close cars are out there, they all require extensive modification. Around a few months ago, combined with my knowledge of CAD and 3D Printing, I embarked on my largest project yet. I've been working for an endless amount of time to design a scale and accurate model of the FGE N21 from the ground up.

As of today, I've just completed the chassis (bolsters, draft gear mounts, end beams, etc.) and the main shell of the model. Depending on how the test print of the chassis comes out, the roof and then smaller details will be designed. I will try and post updates as they come, however, I am not as active on this forum as I used to be so they will come as I am able to supply. The eventual goal would be to sell a few kits of these cars later on down the road. If anyone would be potentially interested OR if you have any recommendations or high quality detail photos, they would be greatly appreciated.



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