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@Byrdie posted:

Initially, it looked to me like he was trying to use the bucket to open the hatch but then he kept going as the car started to tip.

@AGHRMatt posted:

As for opening the hatches, it should have been easy enough to climb up on top of the car.

Not only that, but those style hatches open along the length of the car, not to the side.

There was a purpose to pulling the car over, there are chain chocks on the trucks and the ground man didn't go into a panic to try to get the machine operator to stop.


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The good ol' boys have moved on!.....

It's the new form of....


.... if you have something cool to play a mechanical 'tipper'!


Some nit-pickers will go to extremes to get the underbody detail correct!

"Larry!?  You did check to see if it was empty, didn't you??  Yo!....Larry?

"See, Moe?  I told you they forgot to screw on the trucks!"

Hopperoscopy, Step 2.   (Larry, above, was supposed to take care of Step 1.)

Stan, nursing a bad back, decided to find the leak in the air line less painfully.  Ollie offered to help.

A budding graffiti artist, Shemp decided to decorate where no man had decorated before.



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