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I am thinking about buying and using a 24 foot roll of the Woodlands track bedding, but the pictures of the product don't show much and no instructions, other than for the type of glue, are posted.  How do you put this bedding down for the tight curved sections, like an 031 curve?

Years ago, I worked with HO scale  cork bedding, that came in 4 foot long strips, and was sliced down the middle (almost all of the way through).  To install it, you separated it into two thin 4 foot strips, that were only about an inch wide each, and then nailed the two pieces side by side on the board.  This permitted you to lay it down for curves, because the inside strip and outside strip were thin enough to create flexibility in the cork and prevent the cork bedding from just breaking in half when you curved and nailed it..

Is the Woodland bedding cut down the middle?  Or is is so flexible that you can bend it into curves without breaking it?

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On curves I cut mine down the middle to bend and cut manageable sections off the roll (24” sections)  I didn’t use glue but had Foam pins I would use to hold in place adjust as needed.  I use Atlas track so then would screw down track and use a few more screws to hold foam in key spots before removing foam pins.  So on a curve I would slide in the next section to be flush with the last section pin down and continue to shift and pin as I installed then screw down Track then road bed

I’ve moved some track after so using screws was easy to move foam bed to new location or when I shifted foam bed to obtain a equal spacing


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