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Ladies and Gentlemen, OGR is now offering our "Bargain Bags" until supplies last.  Details can be found here and by going to the webstore and clicking on detail parts.  These Bargain Bags are perfect for those of you that want to build flats, custom buildings, retaining walls, and a whole host of different structures which can be unique to your layout!  For those that may not know, all of our Ameri-Towne walls are molded as 3 story pieces and then they have to be cut down for the one and two story kits.  We have a limited supply of these cut pieces that can be reconfigured into any combo you may want.  The price is a bargain at only $9.95 plus shipping but you better hurry since Ramona our Product Manager has told me that she has a limited supply.


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@scale rail posted:

Alan, are you going to still make the building kits? I ordered two Bargain Bags. Don

Absolutely!  All of our kits are still in production.  These are the left over cuts that folks have been asking about.  We can recycle them but thought that you all would enjoy a bargain.  From the orders coming in, these bags will go fast so you better get what you want now!


Thought this would be a good time to remind forum members of the multitude of uses for various Ameri-Towne wall units. Since basic dimensions are the same for most kits, walls can be cut easily and recombined in many different ways to produce building flats or unique, complete buildings.

A few of these photos are from the kitbashing articles I submitted to promote an OGR contest back several years ago. The articles appeared in Runs 234 and 235, if you'd like to check out the back issues in the OGR on-line library.

These "Bargain Bags" are a great deal.


IndustrialRow 022IndustrialRow 060IndustrialRow 090OGRWH2OGRWH3OGRWH4OGRWH5OGRWH8OGRWH13OGRWH15OGRWH17OGRWH21OGRWH25OGRWH29


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  • IndustrialRow  022
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  • OGRWH2
  • OGRWH3
  • OGRWH4
  • OGRWH5
  • OGRWH8
  • OGRWH13
  • OGRWH15
  • OGRWH17
  • OGRWH21
  • OGRWH25
  • OGRWH29

As I recall, OGR had a booth at York where they had these same bargain bags and I loaded up.  Definitely please do not recycle these as they are great scratch building parts.

This is the first time we have offered these Bargain Bags.  What you may have seen at York is we have had the cut pieces available but they were sold individually.


Here is just a Ameri-Town front, used to make a complete structure.  I was very impressed with the quality and scale of this front.  As  scratch builder these fronts are easy to add to and create unique buildings for your layout or shelf....😄 Priced just right as well'.. These new bargain bags are great for building several structures'... If you haven't, check them out in the OGR web store'...



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Just bought two, never built or kitbashed.....bought some full kits and Being a teacher who has worked everyday during COVID......I am looking forward to working on a layout this summer and not having to wear a mask and do instruction. Thanks OGR for affordable options.

I am thankful for little things like this......for many working people it’s an unproven vaccine( I am thankful) , and a paper mask.

Small things like this are important. Thankyou one more time.

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