I was just wanting to post some pictures of my "under construction" large o27 layout. Most of the time if you a post on o27 it is a 4x8 or smaller. My layout is 14x20 and adding a 4x16 addition. All my track is Lionel tubular and rubber roadbed. It is a open frame design. The mainline is a 3 time around pass going up and down grade two level setup. In the middle of the peninsula I have an o54 switch back operation for a logging and minning industry. Here are some random pictures I have taken and I'd like to get some feedback on them. Thanks.


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    I like the over all layout concept, as Sinclair pointed out you have some pretty steep trestle grade on part of it, you may be doing some down hill running on that particular incline, or some reengineering.  Great looking construction on your 027 layout so far.


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