I've been away from this forum for over a year. What have I been doing? I moved to a townhome in Colorado that has a finished basement -- the first in my life! This video shows my work on the new layout, in a space 16' wide, 18' deep. It shows progress over the last nine months, leading to all the track being wired and operational, but with much scenery work yet to be done.  This is video #51 in my ongoing series on LCJ&I Lines.


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Richie C. posted:

Nice layout - just curious - are you planning on installing any homasote, foam or roadbed to help keep the noise down ?

Richie - Thanks for your comment. No, I don't try to keep the noise down. I've always believed railroads are noisy, and revel in the racket. Hey, it's in the basement, and if people object they can go upstairs! We have a BNSF diesel freight line that runs right across the street, and I love its noise, too. Maybe it's just me . . .

scale rail posted:

Nice work Bob, looks like a great fun layout. Please keep us posted on the progress. Are you going to have an engine house with the turntable? Don

Don - A compliment from Scale Rail is one of life's pleasures. I've had about 4 layouts with the turntable, and haven't had an engine house yet. But I want work on this layout to last a long time, so that might well be an addition at a later stage, when I've run out of other improvements. As I always say, "stay tuned. . ."

I enjoyed your videos and admired your work on past layouts.  Glad to see you're still at it.  I admire your patience as well as your imagination.  

Dan Padova


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Lionelzwl2012 posted:

bob, just love your youtube channell and past layouts they were fantastic and gave me many ideas for my own layout. by the way what camera do you film with if I may asked?I may document my next layout. I love your video making style and narration. roger.

I use a Canon Vixia HFM30 HD videocamera. It's compact, and has a good zoom capability. It's always on a tripod. Sometimes instead of the camera zoom, I use the "Ken Burns" effect in iMovie to clip/zoom in or out on a shot. I make the narration in small segments (5 to 15 seconds), then attach them, rather than trying to narrate in real time.

It is always fun to watch your videos. Thanks for dropping in again to update the forum on your model railroad journey. Just when we think that your are settled on a layout you surprise us and build another one.


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