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I recently bought a 41 switcher and 68 inspection car from Stout Auctions.  Both are in incredible condition.  Looking at the innards, they have little run time as well.  I put in a warm white LED in the switcher for the headlight (there was no factory lamp connection), and will be adding a blinking red LED for the rear light.  Perhaps not prototypical, but I'll like it.

I opened up the inspection car today, and was surprised to find some weird bulbs for the front and back with pins in the base.  From searching on OGR it appears replacements to those can still be purchased.  But, has anyone put LEDs in that unit?  If so, is there anything tricky?  It seems like an easy task, plenty of room.

Also, I have several things like that and know they are called growlers, but the inspection car seems to be the worst.  I've cleaned the gears and relubed them, and added some oil to the motor and wheels.  Anyone have a suggestion for another fix?

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I took the 68 executive inspection car totally apart.  It is definitely unique (to use a nice word).  After I had it apart I thought 'Hey, youtube had a whole bunch of stuff for nuts and bolts repairs on a lot of the postwar engines and motorized units.  Let me check there.'  To my dismay I could not find one video of that unit being serviced.  One guy had something about rebuilding the car shell, but that was it.  I recleaned all the moving parts, added grease and oil appropriately, and rewired some stuff that had flaking insulation.  I found there is a very specific order on putting the parts back together.

In the end, I put it on my test oval, and it run much quieter than before, and a lot faster.  So overall it was successful.  I am definitely not looking forward to any future servicing of that vehicle (I did replace the bulbs with LEDs).

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