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i purchased a 20-20806-1 #4017 NS 4400.all runs well ,....but l.e.d. head or ditch lights....what does the factory do ,use whatever is laying around?  kind of a big letdown MTH....

edit;i have lights,but they are the dim incandescent  lights......

edit 6/27/28...i was totally has the l.e.d. lights after closer bad for thinking otherwise...

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Hmmm, tough to find?

and there it is....wha????

Delivered DEC 2017 yet there's a buy it now?

Maybe they threw a PS3/2 board in some spares laying around?


  • Directionally Controlled Constant Voltage LED Headlight
  • Lighted LED Cab Interior Light
  • Illuminated LED Number Boards
  • Operating LED Ditch Lights



1) the head/ditch lights have the same color/brightness that any of my proto2  loco's have....they could well be LED ,but sure dont look like it.....

2) i will try to post a photo of what the lights on this loco has

3) this was a new engine right off the pallet the dealer got from MTH

4) i am sure....G ,if it didnt cost so much to ship this thing,i'd let you look at it. 

i will  try a factory reset on this loco also....

Well,  They can be LED, but there could have been an LED type change and the color is different.  For PS-3 the HL comes on dim when powered applied (Conventional) and goes bright when in motion.  Cab Lights on in neutral and off in motion.  Ditch lights off until moving in the direction of the ditch lights and flash with Whistle.  If this rule 17 light is occurring, they have to be LEDs. 

Last could be spring contacts giving an added resistance and dimming LEDs, if that is how they are powered, though that is just a guess. As usually the contact pad issue is they don't light.

Is the reverse light different than headlight, does this have rear ditch lights?  Same issue?  G

I don't have that engine. The most recent one I got looks like this.

In neutral and then at 1MPH forward. ( I had to reset the engine as the lights were off from being in a consist)


of course it matters how the white is set in the camera. These are much more blueish white than the PS2 bulbs to me in person.


Images (2)
  • DSC_0302
  • DSC_0303
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i kind of forgot i had started this topic....anyway both GRJ and GGG are correct.that NS 4400, and all p3 loco's, do have led lighting. when  i first ran it ,i was in a very brightly lighted part of layout,so i ran the loco with some of the lights out. it looked alot better this time...not exactly a bright white color, but close enough. all is good again with mth and me.

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