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11909 is the N&W Warhorse J with coal hoppers, from 1996. I had one for many years, weak smoke in conventional mode, better in TMCC. Very noisy open frame AC motor, bought an extra motor from the Century Club Berkshire but never got around to installing it. The motor in the Century Club Berk is noticeably quieter even though they are very similar.



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In its day this set was pretty cool IMO.  I still have mine and run it occasionally.  Yes it sounds like a coffee grinder on a layout table but I've tried it on a loop on a cement floor and it's considerably less noisy.  Actually for an AC motor set up it's quite smooth even at slow speed.  In TMCC smoke is also better at slow speed, I remember someone saying it was designed that way.  The tender gap is large but easily remedied.  Hoppers are very easy rolling and look right with the weathered loco.  I've had it for 20 years with no problems.  RICH

Many years ago I bought Eds Warhorse set, and he included the extra Century Club AC motor. That AC motor is the best I have ever had, including my postwar Berks and Turbines and Modern era Berks and Turbines. Thank you Ed for getting that motor from Lionel and including it with the set! It is a smooth and slow motor. Why can't Lionel make all of those motors as good as they did the Century Club?

Jeff 2035 - I recall having my local dealer test the Cen Club motor vs the Warhorse motor both removed from the locomotive, there was a big difference in the noise and smoothness with the Cen Club motor.  At the time I had the set, Lionel's recommendation was to replace the motor with the Century club one. Forgot the exact explanation, may have been a similar issue like those Rock Island Northerns had with the sloppy bushings.

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RadioRon  I see that you are holding a 6464 type LCCA Switching Track Traveling boxcar.  I am an old 6464 boxcar nut and would love to give that car a great new home if you ever decide to part with it-I certainly would die a happy man !!   If you have any interest let me know-thanks  turtle7

Its not mine, unfortunately.  I was part of the LCCA's Switching Tracks program when it occurred.   It, & another similar car or two, were shipped around the U.S., visiting member layouts in all 50 states.  I believe my house was the only stop it made in Delaware.  LCCA supposedly raffled the cars off to participants in the project, but it would have been nice if they had just commissioned Lionel to build these to order for any interested LCCA members. 

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I have a 6-11909 N&W Warhorse set with 4 hoppers and caboose I bought from a Forum member for a really great price just a year ago.  Though I have had trains for over 50 years, I only moved to O gauge 8 years ago.  So, I am now spoiled owning several 21st century engines.  On first run, I was disappointed with the motor noise as has been discussed, but I had to remind myself this locomotive was made almost 25 years ago.  I was not familiar with the different Century Club motor until this topic.  The motor is not that objectionable to me to not run it, but it has been sitting on a bookshelf while I build my new layout.  I would think if you have an opportunity to buy one for a reasonable price; do so.

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