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I currently have the Lionel Fire Car that needs a bulb replacement.   The revised instructions says I need the 10-8411-530 bulb as a replacement which is listed as a 6 volt bulb.  My grandson and I run the train at about 10 -12 volts thus the bulbs life is shortened.   My question is can I get away with using a 257-300 blinker which is a 14 volt bulb?  I don't car if it blinks dimmer I just don't want to melt the foam insert that holds the bulb in or melt down the red plastic dome if we go with the 6 volt replacement and run it at a higher voltage.


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The 257 (Lionel number 2307-300) is the correct bulb for that car. 14.volts. My guess as to why they revised the bulb to 6 volts is the newer fire car motor vs. the original 52 is the motor draws less voltage to run and the 257 bulb requires a lot of current to make the flasher in the bulb work. So Lionel put the next available flasher bulb--6 volts--- as a replacement. It works, but flickers and blinks rapidly and is annoying. As a side note, I have a 257 bulb in my 8379 PRR fire car and it works great.

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I am not aware of a #257 LED equivalent bulb that is actually a viable replacement for the #257. The #257 has an integrated flasher and none of the LED replacements that I am aware of have an integrated flasher - they are simply generic G4 1/4 Ba9s LED filament bulbs incorrectly marketed as replacements for the #257. Sure, you can build/procure and install your own flasher circuit, but a pack of 10 bulbs from the auto parts store should be more than sufficient and probably more economically sound.

bigkid-I orignally wanted to go the LED route and found a 455 led blinker from Coin Taker which sells Pinball replacement bulbs and  other related pinball items.  But it too seems to run at 6.5 volts and I didnt want to take a chance on it. So am sticking with the incadescent #257 which should out live me anyways!!!

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