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Yesterday at a garage sale I bought a nice Marx 391 locomotive and set with eight wheeled cars that have the  one way couplers.  These are the first Marx I have now with that type coupler and I can only imagine the frustration they must have caused young railroaders back 70 years ago with the tiny springs and levers and moving parts.  With just a bit of cleaning and oiling the train runs great and I really like the look of the 6 inch cars on a pair of trucks instead of the simpler 4 wheel frame like all the other Marx cars I have.

While looking over the tender I peered in the opening on the front end and was suprised to see that there was also printing on the inside. However instead of it being Canadian Pacific red lettering on a silver background like on the outside it has the version of silver lettering on a red background. I  have heard of  Hafner trains sometimes having different printing on the insides but I haven't seen this with Marx before.  Is this fairly common for Marx to have used both sides of the same piece to economize? 20201026_19120420201026_19123020201026_191530

I enjoy looking at the posts here but haven't participated much. Hopefully with the weather becoming more indoorsy I will  have time to share more.



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