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I wish I hadn't looked at your tinplate photos and videos this week.  Now, I have to have a tinplate train!

In checking Ebay, and my local flea market, it looks like Marx rules if you want inexpensive used cars, and don't particularly care about the RR line or small features, just colorful cars.

What would you say are the Three most important things I need to check  before buying a Marx car please.  (I don't care about resale or collection value.)  As always, I am kinda worried about coupler compatibility.

Thanks very much for all advice.


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Before you Buy?

Buy what you like. Make sure it has not been modified.

There are several lines of Marx cars:

-four wheel six inch lithographed cars with tab and slot couplers, or knuckle couplers, or sliding tab and slot for wind up trains, one way couplers on prewar trains

-Plastic basic cars with only four wheels, or four wheel trucks. These cars have no operating parts and are smaller that deluxe cars

-plastic deluxe cars are larger that the basic cars, have features like sliding doors and handrails on some cars, searchlight cars, etc

-seven inch lithographed cars. Usually four wheel.

After you buy it, do not clean it with alcohol. Alcohol will remove the finish.

Straighten the axles and they are often bent. They must be removed to straighten them.

Straighten the couplers. Many kids bend them into weird shapes to stay coupled on lumpy track work. The couplers work best as originally made.

There are some Greenberg Marx books available on the secondary market. You should get some of them.

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