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I got these the other day off Amazon, they're listed as buildings for 28mm miniature wargaming but IMO they're closer to O scale in size.


This shows a Bachmann O scale figure and a 28mm figure from the Knuckleduster line of 28mm miniatures


Here's a MTH round roof boxcar as reference:


These are all MDF flat kits, the only difference is in the front wall and trim around the top of the front wall.  The window and door trim are separate parts that I super glued in place and then painted, I left the exterior/interior walls unpainted cause I like them as they are.  Only spots I put some super glue on were the tabs on the back wall where it attaches to the side walls to keep them in place, all other joints are fairly tight.  The roof can be left unglued and taken off if you want to do interiors.

When ordering, you can choose what names you want to put on most of the buildings.  The letters are also MDF and I super glued them in place after painting.

If you like the smell of burnt wood, these are for you ...maybe that's why I didn't paint mine!


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@Biglou posted:

Thanks for sharing this with us Bob. Great looking and even greater workmanship.

Thanks Biglou, but all I did was slap them together and paint the trim and lettering.  Other than spot gluing the rear wall they should come apart easily if I desire.

For some unknown reason I've gotten interested in miniature wargaming lately.  Got a couple of squads of ww2 US and German figures painted then I saw the wild west figures and had to get some.  I have less than 20 and don't plan to get many more but then I started looking at all the rules there are available for the wild west and now I can't seem to get enough of it.  I downloaded a set of rules called Ruthless (free) and watched a video or 2.  Like I need another hobby to spend $$$ on.

I've seen these and like them a lot but at this point in time I still have about a five years supply of Plasticville, Marx. and a half dozen other brands to finish and every day I get further behind.

Look under war gaming and you'll find hundreds of buildings, some of which would work pretty well for our layouts.  There's a local guy who makes and lot of custom laser-cut stuff, including buildings, signs, and detail pieces.

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