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While I was at Steamtown last week to see the restored 4012, I took a few minutes to check out the outside exhibits at the roundhouse (they were setting up for National Train Day last Saturday). Here are a couple of pics... got to get back there when I have more time and check out the whole facility.



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Track Side • CN Yard • Pontiac, Michigan

April 8, 2021

1 Lunch

Waiting for the trains and having a carry out lunch from White Castle. With a side of bokeh.

2 CN Crossing Gate

Two CN locomotives leaving the yard.

3 Graffti Auto Rack

Auto racks with interesting graffiti.

4 CN End of train

End of train with the gates still down.

5 Work truck v2

A Ford F-250 work truck out doing a track inspection.

6 CN Work Truck v2

Just south of the CN Yard, a work truck on the rails.

7 Work trainv3

This crew has several flat cars with used rails being returned to the yard.

Hope to see you out rail-fanning. Gary 🚂


Images (7)
  • 1 Lunch
  • 2 CN Crossing Gate
  • 3 Graffti Auto Rack
  • 4 CN End of train
  • 5 Work truck v2
  • 6  CN Work Truck v2
  • 7  Work trainv3

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