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I posted this this morning but then couldn't find it, so trying again.   I'm switching from 027 to Fastrack and would like to incorporate my 6-19818 operating milk car . The problem is that part of the old platform goes under the tubular track to hold it in place and with spacing. Fastrack sits flat on the ground with no room to put the old platform under it. Haven't been able to see any pictures to see if the new platforms are designed differently but hoping I won't have to cut all that under track metal off to make it work. Your thoughts.

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Good question. The Fastrack operating track section has these removable pieces on either side of the roadbed. I do remember having to cut off the little pieces of plastic that you would snap the pieces back into to make it fit the platform. Don't know the number, but it was the Hoods Dairy operating milk car. I hope this helps.

Forgive me if you thought of this. A good alternative may be to buy Fastrack tubular adapter sections, and a regular operating track section.I


When I had Fastrack and the postwar milk cars and platform,  I removed the one side of the operating track.   Then a big hammer to flatten the part that held the tubular track.   It just became a big flat plate.  Set distance to edge of track.   I had straights on both sides of the operation track.  If there are curves, overhanging engines or cars will hit the platform.   Set the platform to the top height and then screw down the track when all adjusted.   I went to tubular so can't take a picture.

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