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I just bought a set of Tichy decals for a Milton Co-op Dairy Corp. steel GPEX milk car, and I notice that the sheet  gives you numbers for both the 40' and 50' GPEX leased cars.  Overland Models imported a 50' HO-scale car labeled for the Milton Co-op, and the number (985) was correct for a 50' car.  Does anyone know what the evidence is for Milton milk cars?  Were there both 40' and 50' cars?  I know this is a really arcane question, but I have seen a lot of milk car photos and have not seen Milton Co-op before.  Thanks for whatever light you can shed on this.

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 I’m afraid I can’t help with your question. I came up with the same answer last week looking through some books. 985 was a Hood’s car. These cars were leased and were subject to change. My guess is that the Dairy was served by the Central Vermont.

 Seeing you have the decals. Just curious if the lettering on the cars ends are provided on the sheet. I know they are provided on the Highball Graphics sheets. I model the Rutland in 3 rail and have been acquiring a fleet of Milk cars. Many of them 2 rail brass that I’ve converted the trucks over.

 I plan to pickup a couple of Sheffield Farms sets. Quite a few saw service on the Rutland. The Atlas 53 ft. Express Reefer is pretty close to a milk car after you remove the ice hatches.

I found this on the Rutland RR site.

<big>A</big>. (01/17/00)   The Milton Co-op Creamery in Alburgh,VT on the Rutland used GPEX 544 and 1034, [lettered] "Whiting" for many years. Three cars were assigned to them and made the rounds between Alburgh and Somerville, Mass.  I believe the third car was 968(?). In 1960, they started using cars in the pool and the 544 and 1034 went away. I would say that this assignment lasted about 10 years

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