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MTH recently produced models of 40-foot USRA wood-sided double-sheathed boxcars.

I preordered New Haven 78000 (20-99327) and, after receiving it, was so impressed that I ordered two more similar cars – New Haven 78006 (also 20-99327) and New York Central 161523 (20-99325). These cars are highly detailed and have some small delicate parts. Each of my three cars had a small part that had come off and was floating in the box - a roof-walk end-support, a corner step, and a brake-wheel. All were easily reattached using a drop of styrene cement on the first two. I particularly like the detail of the rollers that support the lower edges of the doors.

During World War 1, U.S. railroads were under control of the United States Railroad Administration (USRA) that developed standard designs to expedite the production of steam locomotives and freight cars, including single and double-sheathed wood-sided boxcars with steel underframes, ends, side-frames and roofs. The double-sheathed cars had a substantial fishbelly underframe that is nicely detailed on the models, as is the wood grain on the sides. The New York Central car shows a build date of January 1919. By 1920, 24,500 double-sheathed cars had been delivered, and many remained in service through World War 2.




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  • MELGAR_2023_0503_54_NH_78000_SOUTH
  • MELGAR_2023_0503_55_NH_78006_SOUTH
  • MELGAR_2023_0503_56_NYC_161523_SOUTH
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  • MELGAR_2023_0503_61_NH_78006_UNDERSIDE
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Those look really nice. I don't have any MTH Premier ones but have a few of the Atlas cars including the NYC version. I do like the differences in the MTH with the door rollers at the bottom as you pointed out. I want to get a couple just for the sake of variety. I have a couple MTH single sheathed boxcars (Ball, Muncie Ind). I prefer the paint on the Atlas cars from the ones I have. The MTH seem to have a slight sheen to the paint that looks slightly less realistic than Atlas. Nice cars!

I bought a bunch of these MTH Premier wood-sided double-sheathed boxcars as well, which look terrific. Most came intact, but several had pieces that had become dislodged, or broken off. The dislodged pieces were easily reattached, as Mel indicated, but a couple had pieces that were actually broken off and needed to be returned to the dealer.

Authur is also correct that having broken or dislodged pieces on MTH freight cars is unusual. The design of this car is somewhat different, however, and more prone to have issues, particularly with the door rollers, which are delicate parts that can easily become dislodged or break off.


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