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Recently purchased MTH premiere T1 with Whistle smoke. Still running in DCS with the remote. Can anyone advise how to activate the whistle smoke feature with the remote and the best way to add fluid?

2 softkeys need to be activated I believe.

FSW= feature smoking whistle

SPW = sound play whistle

You rotate the thumbwheel when the whistle is active. You can press the thumbwheel to toggle between the whistle and the speed of the engine.

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I had posted a similarly question about whistle steam on MTH locos.  I am running a DCS Explorer until my WTIU comes in.  Anyway, it seems that I can’t use whistle steam without the full DCS system (TIU or WTIU).  This stinks as I can run my Lionel Legacy GS through the LionChief app (Bluetooth) just fine with full smoke functions.

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