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Here we go with a seperate Christmas top tier layout addition

 1)    33" × 96"  figure 8 continuous soldered wire for + and - to each piece of FASTRACK and screwed down .

 2)   one central soldered connection to the MTH 50-1033 REMOTE COMMANDER receiver. 

 3)   power needs........MTH 33-1046 /  2-8-0  Nativity Consolidated                                                                                         3 MTH Nativity flatcar with LED lit Shepard, wise men and Creche.                                                 2 GRJ's 20-100/ 21inch lighting kits for track area illumination.

Using my test track Z1000 right now but I need something a little smaller .    Need some help to keep the odds down of extraneous Christmas lighting in the form of flame and smoke.  😨




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I'd just use a brick, you don't need variable voltage.  You could use a Z750 brick, cheaper than buying the whole rig.

@NYC 428 posted:

Are the Z 750's still available?  I understand that MTH will no longer make the Z 4000 as the UL has run out.

GYJ recommended a Z750 for the additional Christmas track that I'm working on and I went to eBay and purchased one.

If a used one is as reliable as my regular layout Z1000 ,I don't expect any problems .

I still saw some without the controllers that were available on the bay.  🙄


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