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I have had these telephone poles laying around for awhile so decided to make a load with them.



To attach the chains I drilled small holes in the top of the car.  I took 4 short pieces of  20 gauge solid wire and made a small loop in the end and hook it to the chain.  I then put the chain over the  poles, stuck the wires through the holes and twisted them together.  If the chain was still loose, I used a pair of needle nose pliers and make a kink in the wire to make it tighter.

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This was a fun little project that only took a few hours , mostly waiting for the paint to dry.



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Great idea and a great job. Flat cars are a blank canvas to add almost anything too. I took a TOFC flat and mounted a pair of trailer frames to it. The car with the trailer on top was too tall to clear my upper level so I found a way to use it. I didn't have any small chain so I used some braided picture wire as tie downs.

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