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Ironhorseman posted:

From what I remember, it seems railroads used old ties to makes chocks, is that correct? 

Generally no, as the old crested ties would have been pretty difficult to cut/saw, plus would be all split, i.e. if they were still good enough for ties, they wouldn't have been removed.

I suspect it would also be prototypical to use any lumber lying around that was big enough.  Thx.

Not really. The wood selected for heavy duty chocks was/is generally heavy hard wood, like oak blocking.


I was looking for the chocks used by MTH on their military loads, see picture. below.  I tried looking up the part number but MTH doesn't have them listed, anyway, no one is answering at MTH's parts.  I now plan to make them out of wood as described in this thread ( i need about 100.)

Just one question does anyone sell thin plastic diamond cut sheets?


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