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Quick notes....

1. Our special run MTH Premier 64' wood coaches are on their way here from MTH.   There are not a lot of them.  18 cars of each road in 3 rail, and 15 of each in 2 rail. The roads are Rock Island, NYO&W, and Raritan River.  Unlettered there are 36 of each in 3 rail, and 36 in 2 rail. Thats it. 

2. just had 2 pallets of MTH show up.  A lot of it is buildings and signals and figures and other roadside siuff.  We have a ton of figures here that have never been up on the website..MTH and K-line, and woodland scenics.

3. many of u probably know...I order extras of stuff for stock, so U can still pre-order out of our extras up until the items arrive from MTH. What i order extra of is mostly diesels (2 rail and 3 rail)   and scale sized freight cars.  Not so much in MTH passenger cars, as they are 80' cars kinda squeezed down to 70' .....but there are about 20 sets of NOS mth passenger sets here.  They look OK, but we have mostly Golden Gate in the passenger car dept, as they are full scale sized cars

4. Expecting  2  pallets of Atlas in 2-3 weeks.  50'6" ACF box cars, 55 ton 2 bay hopper cars (including our special run LNE hoppers) and AAR 40' box cars.

5. Latest I hear for Atlas is that the GP-7's are arriving ion October.  We still have a few available for pre-order. 1 or 2 of some of the road names. some we are sold out.

Everything is on the website under "pre-orders".  I'll post pix again when I have time.

Thanks, and be safe.


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Hey Beth,

Just read note #1 of the MTH 64 ft. wood Raritan River coaches that are due in soon. You said that there are 18 cars of each road - 3 rail coaches and 15 coaches of each road in 2 rail. Does that include the RRRR coaches that Jeff Wren and myself ordered awhile back in that order? I believe that was 2 coaches for Jeff and 2 coaches for me! Thank-You!  Just concerned that since the your order is small that we may not get the RRRR coaches!

      John J. Giuliano

Coordinater for the Raritan Valley Hi-Railers

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