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Nice pictures, indeed!
Question for any K-28 experts out there - the following image (9th down, showing a side view of the front truck) shows some sort of cylinder connected to what appears to be a rotating arm assembly, and I'm guessing it's used to raise or lower something up front, possibly the small plow or flanger shown?

Looking forward to hearing back from the experts!

PS - first time using the new forum, pretty nice!

Hot Water posted:
sinclair posted:

Now if Lionel would just make one in Legacy scale.  I love these locomotives.

Except it is narrow gauge, i.e. 3 foot gauge, so different track would be required. Does Lionel or MTH even offer "narrow gauge" track?

Well, they could "wing it" with the S Gauge track they make... 

It'd be around Meter Gauge instead of 3' Gauge (and have the correct number of rails .)


I know where I can get the full set of the original ALCO builders blueprints to the K-28.  The drawings were delivered with the OR&L #60,70,80, 90 which were rivet to rivet duplicates of the K-28's, except for the tender.   I can also get you the K-18 tender drawing.   Wouldn't that set be worth a donation of $50-$100 to a great nonprofit?   I think its a bargain at $200.   If you want those, just reply here and I'll get back to you.

I’m not sure if your still on here Loco112 but I am looking for the blueprints to start scratch building a D&RGW K-28. If your still on here can you message me and  help me track these down? I have been on a hunt across the country for about a year now. Any kind of help would be wonderful. If there any others that can help me out with this mission that would be awesome as well. Thank you! 

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