The 3rd Rail KM thread and the thought of foreign power got me thinking. 

I'd like to see one of the Little Joes restored and re-gauged for their "native" Soviet gauge .

I can't recall seeing any of the original plans for the Soviet paint though I've read the discussion on the cab lettering and instructions being in Russian and the scars from the removal of the buffers.   I'd presume that whatever the Soviet state railways paint was back then is what the Little Joe would have been painted in.

What if somehow some rich Russian with a soft spot for American locomotives had the cash in hand to purchase one of the surviving Joes (and a willing seller) and the wherewithal to restore to current operation a complex beast like a Joe .

Orange and black humming along in Siberia anyone?

I know.  Almost as likely as some American picking up the tab to reconstruct a GG1 from the ground up. 

Still, a wonderful fantasy if there ever was one. 


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There is a Little Joe at the Lake Shore Chapter location in North East, PA about 12 miles east of Erie, PA.  That museum, housed in the former NYC North East station, has a number of GE locomotives including NYC 2500.

I don't believe that some posters understand that to "restore an electric locomotive to operation", you also have to restore its power supply, and that would be very expensive. 

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