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@bluedragon posted:

HI, thanks.  I am trying to keep the phone calls to a minimum as i live in Japan.

It's likely that his email is filtering out messages from out of Country.  Yes @PATSTRAINS is a sponsor, and one of my absolute favorite dealers. 

Your profile does not list an email for you but it does say you are a digital subscriber.  You should be able to send Pat a direct message through the forum.

This is an "Amen!" note about Pat's Trains. I placed an online order for a MTH Aerotrain coach with Rock Island décor; it's the hardest item to find although coaches with NYC, PRR, and UP décor are more available on eBay. Pat had one, so I bought it. In a follow-up phone call, I learned he had two on hand; so I'll buy the second RI coach also. Contributors to this thread are right -- Pat is a resourceful dealer and a great guy.

With that final coach on my layout, I'll own a full consist -- the Aerotrain locos with 10 RI coaches. They were based on GM's Intercity Bus bodies.  I hope the MTH Aerotrain loco will pull all 10 coaches!

Mike Mottler    LCCA 12394

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