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Hello all,

Sorry if this question has been asked previously but I cannot find a diagram or simple answer to where in a 2026 Lionel engine would I insert a 6 amp 800 watt bridge rectifier to slow the engine to increase smoke output.  If someone could tell me in plain English which wire split to insert the BC, I would very much appreciate your help and expertise.



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Thank you very much.  This really helps me.  I chose this larger BC to slow the engine between 2 and 3 volts based on several past posts on smoke unit improvement.  At present, both smoke and whistle operate anemically at maximum 11 volts operating speed. If I increase the transformer to improve both, the engine will fly off the tracks. I even took your recommendation and installed a 20-ohm smoke resistor from Digi-Key.  It helped but the whistle remains weak at present operating voltage. Again, thank you.

Not overloading, but plenty hotter than 4s. Most of my post war steam pulls right near 3a continuous. I have a few with 5.5a peaks for a second under heavy starts etc.  They will trip 80w modern breakers all day and eventually shut down a 1033 after a few hours. Been like that for 40 years on the 1033s. Use the KW; no issue.  I don't even have a pulmore Berk or twin pullmore,.or Type 1 monsters

6 driver steam with type 2 frame motors.

 sure the draw could drop with bearings etc. but they aren't screaming, locking, or sheading dust yet 

You are so right.  I suspect my 2026 will continue to run smooth after the addition of the 3A BC but I will report the results here when available.  As you all know, there is plenty of room in the cab of a 2026 to add one or two BC's for the slowing factor.  We shall see soon.  Many thanks as always.

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