Looking for a decent set of window inserts for the Plasticville C-18 Cathedral. 

Please respond to dgardner9@verizon.net if you have a set to spare



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If you can not find the windows and are not a purest, they can be made easily by using clear plastic sheeting from toy boxes, file paper covers, etc.  Cut them oversize to allow material to clear glue (E6000 is one) them to wall.

Use Marks-a-lot or Sharpie colored markers to add colors and design as wanted.  They will show up great if you install a light in the ceiling of the church.


I tried adding stained glass windows to my Plasticville church  when I was a kid.  This was during the '70s and it's possible that Plasticville of that era was being made of thinner plastic than the 1950s originals.  The problem I ran into, is that the interior bulb made the walls glow (they were partially translucent!)  And the outline of the "stained glass" paper was visible AROUND the window, as well as between the panes.

If you really want to achieve a realistic effect, you'll have to line the interior walls and roof of the structure wtih opaque cardboard, or paint the inside with light-blocking (latex?) paint.  My $.02.

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