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Our friend Marty said it best and it's worth repeating as new members join.  Marty was always there to help so let's honor his memory by following his suggestions.


 Marty Fitzhenry

"Some members request help from time to time with an operating issue.  Here are a few things I would like to see in your request.


1. Make of engine and is it under warranty.

2. Item number of engine.

3. Command or conventional operation.

4. Transformer used.

5. New engine or used.  If used, is it a fleabay queen.  Fleabay has lots of junk for bargain hunters.  Remember, you only get what you pay for.

6. Did it run when you received it.

7. What have you or someone done or parts replaced.

8. Do not look for help and have people spend their  time  then state you are sending it out for repair.  Don't waste people's time if that was your plan from the start.

9. If members spend time helping you out and you get your issue solved, let members know as the situation could help others.  Many members looking for help pull the anchor up and never let anyone know the outcome. 

I learn things every day from some smart people that make themselves available every day to assist OGR Forum members with problems.  Please follow what I have thrown out as it will help the members who are trying to help you."


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I agree with Marty. It is frustrating when someone posts "Help, my engine won't run with DCS!", and they don't provide a model number or a picture or any information about their DCS setup. Then people start replying and you never hear from the OP again. 

Marty always had a problem with engines purchased on eBay. That was probably because someone would overpay for junk and then expect Marty to fix it for them. If an eBay listing states that the engine wasn't tested and/or no returns, then you need to take a "buyer beware" perspective. I would expect an engine like that to possibly have a command board failure and should be priced as if it needed a complete replacement of the board. If it's a tinplate engine, the worst it could be is a bad armature, so you need to know if you can get a replacement or who can rewind it for you. Operators who don't know how these engines work and have no idea how they can be fixed, should not be buying used engines on eBay untested.


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