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I'm going to be doing a strip down cleaning of my childhood PW 2-6-2 steam engine, #675, it's getting power but not running. I can see the armature, it's black. Since the side rods requires a little more effort than the diesel I just did, I want to replace the brushes rather than just clean them, Lionel 226E-92.  I noticed TrainZ has two options: Part 226E-92 @$3.00 ea, but I get the part No. referenced even if I can't be sure from the picture, And Part 622-121 which is noted "(226E-92)" and is available - 3/$1.77.

Has anyone used the 622-121 in place of the 226E-92?  Should I switch out the springs too, since I'm that far into it?

Are there any suggestions?

(NOTE: I have reached out to TrainZ and am waiting to hear back from their Parts people)

Thanks in advance.


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On mine I replaced the entire brush plate with an MPC era part from Jeff Cox the TrainTender.  This brush plate has a bushing for the armature shaft and includes brush springs. This helped smooth out and quiet down mine which would stall at high speed due to an enlarged armature hole in the brush plate. It might be a reliability upgrade for you as long as you're tearing it down.

Yes, Jeff Kane (I have a friend by the other name). The brush plate number is 8702-132, Jeff lists these for $7.50.  Here is a pic of it on my 675.  I also have one on my 2055 and my 2037.  The only fitting I had to do was file down the bushings on the armature side so they didn't bind against the armature.



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