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Hi Everyone. Thanks for the add and good to be here. The images of these TTOS cars brings up wonderful memories for me. I'm Stef Butler, and My Dad, Jerry Butler and I did the painting, artwork, and the silkscreening on these cars.                                      The lumber car number JSB-1005,  andboxcar number SLB-1004 are our initials. Jerome S Butler and Steffin Linne Butler. There were special one off cars made that we did for the auction at the banquet. There is actually a black one with silver lettering out there that went to Norwood Doland. That would be a find....

My Dad passed away at 96 in late 2018. (I think playing with and restoring trains kept him young. ;o) We are sorting through his massive collection and researching. It's how I found you folks.

Glad to see that the work we did years ago is still being appreciated. Again, glad to be here and Thank You.

Norwood passed away about 17-18 years ago but I think his daughter (I want to say her name is Irene) probably still has his collection. My dad and I would help him with his trains regularly and we usually took him home after the SP meets. We also did a physical inventory of his collection at one point. After he passed, she tried to sell his collection but wanted too much money for it and couldn’t get any takers. My dad may still have her phone number.

I heard about Norwood passing. He was a nice guy. As for the cars... David is right. The 'hobos' were for those that traveled from Ca to wherever the convention was. I made a hobo mask and had a costume I ran around the convention for fun, and also presented the special one of a kind cars to the highest bidder at the auction. I remember the bicentennial Ron Hall car. Is he still around?

Ron Hall died awhile back. He donated most if not all of his trains and Erector sets to the local TCA. He attended the National TTOS banquet auctions and won many of the one of a kind items by being the high bidder.

Our division has been working with his wife. Trains are gone, I ended up with a few. Many of the Erector sets are sold, but many remain.


Ron was another great guy. I talked with him a lot back in the day. I was also the photographer for the TTOS Bulletin for a while in tye mid 1970s. It's how I got to know these fellas.

That's so great that Ron donated his collection. Also fitting that he bid high and got the one of a kind cars knowing that the proceeds would benefit the club. His legacy lives on.

Glad I found you folks and have the chance to reminisce. We found 25 Std gauge convention cars both TTOS and TCA from over the years. Even a Disneyland O Gauge boxcar. I'll take some pics and try and post them in the back next couple days.

Sorry to hear about Ron, but am happy that his collection is still being enjoyed.

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