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can someone recommend a good resource for layouts that make good use of 72" curves?  I have two 4'x8' surfaces, plus my 54" x 42" dining room table which I use to flesh out the layout and situate transformers/trestles/scenery, etc.  Not a *LOT* of space (room is about 12'x48').

I really want to use that gorgeoud Burlibngton Zephyr, but it doesn't like curves shallower than 72"

So far, I have used formations like an 'L,' an 'H,' and 'C' with plywood bridging the height differential between the 4x8 platforms.  Open to wild and crazy suggestions because I change the layout about once a week, and if I don't like the way something looks...Presto!

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@PRR1950, I am limiting the amount of extra plywood, because my house to small and the hardest part of constructing my layout have been getting in and out of doors while the layout is complete, and navigating around the layout for remedying derailments or maintenance.  I have laid out scenery, including small town houses, train-specific accessories (crossing gates attached to 153ir detector units), and carnival attractions.

@gunrunnerjohn the room looks big with none of the layout, but with the bookshelves on the two long walls, an entryway from the hall and another to the kitchen, suddenly, the navigable area dwindles with 2 4x8 plywood fitures, the frames to hold them, and the sawhorses  (not to mention the dining room table, which can be shoved under half of one of the tables).


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