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Hello all

anyone ever use these and how well do they work. I have Lionel O Gauge track and would like to run  an engine from the turnout to the main track. The turnout is blocked from main line with insulated pins seperating the track making the straight away a dead track. Then activating that insulated track with a seperate transformer.


I would also like to run the main line with a newer transformer. I now have a Lionel RW 110 watt transformer on the main line and have no issues running my engines or steamers. I am not sure if 10 watts would make that much difference seeing that the Z1000 is 100 watts and the RW is 110, any imput would be deeply appreciated, Thanks

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THE MTH bricks are very solid and have fast acting breakers.

The 750 is OK but I prefer the 1000 because it has a 14VAC aux power port.

Just remember the 100 watts is split between the 14VAC and the main output on the brick.  The 14VAC is great for powering switches and other accessories.

I've been using then for several years now and have no problems with them.

They are also quite "Stiff" in that the Voltage does not drop much as you approach the watt limit. Many transformers drop several volts as you near the watt limit.

I use a Z750 to power the repair/test track in my workshop. It's been doing that for ten years or so and it works just fine. One thing to remember - if you get a Z750, be sure it's NOT one of the early ones. The Z750 controller was modified after MTH discovered, to its considerable embarrassment, that the output waveform was not compatible with Protosound-1 and could even damage the Proto-1 circuitry. I don't know how to tell which controllers are the early ones once they are out of the box - I'm sure there's a way but I don't know it. MTH did change the packaging when they changed the electronics - the good ones are in dark orange boxes; I think the early ones went out in yellow boxes. 


I agree with Russell - if you're buying a new transformer you may as well spend a few extra bucks and get the Z1000. 


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