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Wow! Did you score a deal! You stole those things! 

With regard to The Handler, there isn't much to know about it. It's a fixed voltage transformer with four outputs. They are set at 12, 14, 16, and 18 volts and plainly labeled. You've got RED and BLACK terminals for each output, and a circuit breaker on each output. I think the outputs are rated at 10 amps each. This is a BIG power supply that could run all your lights and accessories.

Lou Neiderlander was the guy who designed this and he's on this forum. I'll send him an alert.


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@Rich Melvin

Regarding the Handler, this is obviously an accessory transformer.  It was a custom wound transformer made by Signal Transformer Company for RoW.  The variable taps allow for most all accessories.  The original retail was $400 as I recall; most of the dollars were for the custom transformer inside.  Also the circuit breakers were 8 amps.  Unbelievable price!


Lou N

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