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Hey Tony..I dug thru some old magazines and found some info for you.  The earliest mags I have come from late 87...the 1st issue of CTT, Fall of 87 had no Right Of Way(ROW) ads however the next issue their ad 1st appeared. The earliest O Gauge Railroading I have is issue 100 from Aug 1988 and it has ROW ads. The 10 car Hopper Sets are advertised for the 1st time in issue 107 from Oct 1989.  The Santa Fe Warbonnet Alcos show up in issue 113 from Oct 1990.IMG_E3287IMG_E3296


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Thanks, Mr. tontee!

Two ads down, and two left to go!

Now I can add those two to my web-site at  Recently, another OGR member helped me out by offering to scan some Williams, Weaver, and K-Line stuff, so there's a lot more in those sections now.  If anyone else here is willing to help fill up any of the other sections, please contact me.  My e-mail is in my profile.

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