I'm planning a special project dealing with O gauge railroading on an international scale.

I'm especially seeking attractive, interesting, and nicely executed layouts (3-rail, 2-rail, or O narrow gauge) that are built/owned by hobbyists living in any country outside the U.S. The layouts can have a U.S. theme, European theme, or any other theme--execution is the more important consideration.

If you have such a layout, or know of someone or some group with such a layout, please just send me an e-mail (editor@ogaugerr.com) with a few details and full contact information. If you can attach a few photos to the e-mail, that will be even better.

Thanks very much!
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I will--eventually--feature the request on our other forums, but figured I might "test the waters" by posting it first on this forum since folks here are most likely to have moved beyond the track-on-bare-plywood stage.

I already have responses from some possible candidates, but am seeking even more. Will just have to see what develops.
What about contacting one of the Brittish RR magazines and asking if they have any O Scale leads?
My last visit to Barnes and Noble for coffee and the magazine rack I read a Brittish RR mag (can't remember the name) that featured some O scale layouts both of which mimic US landscape

Just remembered the name of the magazine - Hornesby

Allan: the magazines are Railway Modeller and Model Rail

Joe Fauty

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