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I was very excited to take delivery of a Standard Gauge Module Association 2017 Covered Gondola yesterday. Today I had some time to take it out of the package and run it.  As you can see below, this 212 covered gon looks great! I slipped it into a consist I had on the simple loop on my layout table and it took a few laps - I'm quite pleased with it!

While I've not yet been able to attend and participate in one of their modular layout events, it's been great meeting the members of the SGMA.  Thanks to the SGMA officers and members for the opportunity to own this special piece of rolling stock.



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I have to say that the final product looks great.  When it was first proposed within SGMA, as a Milwaukee Road collector I tried to convince fellow SGMA members that the club should sponsor a Milwaukee Road car vice, or in addition to, the Pennsylvania one you bought.  After some discussion, it was generally agreed that there were not enough potential buyers to support the purchase of the minimum number of each car that MTH required for an order.  So SGMA only ordered the Pennsylvania car.  However, when next SGMA sponsors a car I was assured it will be a Milwaukee Road one. 

Bob Nelson

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