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It's that time of year where my thoughts head toward the Christmas tree and my Christmas carpet layout.  Been buying Buffalo snow from the big W that comes in small pieces for it.  There used to be an outfit that sold larger blankets of it but last I looked they went out of business.

Anyone know of others?

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Also, I should say that while I have not used the specific blankets that I linked to, I have used white fleece fabric before and it looked great.  I bought it by the yard at Walmart.  But I think actual blankets will look nicer with finished ends.  And hopefully the blankets are a more durable option for reuse year-to-year.

Our Christmas layout is on the floor and we have 4 cats.  Options for snow are quite limited.  A few years ago I bought several white shag area rugs.  Our main tree where the train layout goes is on hardwood floors.  I unroll the shag rugs and put our tree stand on them and then decorate the tree.  The cats love the shag rugs; they are soft and provide much better traction that hardwood.  By the time the tree is decorated, the novelty of the shag rugs has worn off.  So, we have no problems setting up the trains.  The cats are a little afraid of them and leave them alone.

I just don't vacuum the living room rug for about 8 weeks prior to Christmas.  The rug is a light gray and the buildup of dust gives the impression of a landscape with a first covering of snow and, when you put down other hints of winter, everything looks like a winter scene...of course there are problems, some visitors with dust allergies spend a lot of time sneezing and the lack of living room cleanliness means my will will be none too pleased.... ...seriously, I too have found the JoAnn white felt to be the way to go.

Menards has 2 types/sizes of Xmas snow blankets (also referred to as Buffalo snow). Polyester, fluffy 1/2 to 3/4 inch deep. 15 in. x 10 ft. - $5 and 45 in. x 99 in. $10. Package says fireproof. In Xmas trim dept. Rolls up and stores easily. I have used it under tracks or cut to fit along side of tracks and accessories. Avail. now but gone with remainder of Xmas stuff, by Xmas. Can also sprinkle silver glitter on it to make it sparkle. Hielsie.

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