Hi there Switcher Saturday crowd.  This morning I am trying to tap out the beginning of this weekend's thread on mobile with kids watching cartoons on my lap.  Fatherhood is truly fun, and exhausting!

For this weekend's kick off here's a photo of my Christmas switcher and custom painted diesel on the filing cabinet central. 


Have a great weekend every body!

A short version of the Switcher Saturday guidelines:

1. Everybody have fun and be nice - Santa is still watching!

2. Switcher Saturday is all about Switchers of all sizes,  steam diesel electric,  full size, narrow gauge,  all model scales etc. 

3. Despite the alliteration,  this thread is open all week.   

4. The ogr forum requires any pictures posted directly to the forum be something you have permission to post.  Wanna share something cool and can't reach the owner for permission?  Just post a link - we'll still check it out!

May God Bless us all.


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The New Haven and Boston & Maine railroads are two of my favorites. In the real world, they operated next to each other in Springfield, Massachusetts and other New England cities. Photos and video show New Haven Railroad Alco S-2 #0617 and B&M GE 44 Ton #117, both MTH Premier models, on my 12’-by-8’ layout that was completed in 2006. I prefer running switchers and small locomotives pulling short trains rather than large, high-speed locomotives on passenger expresses.

Photos and video by:




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The pet shop RR is expanding it's business.   Today they are getting ready to haul some raw materials for M&M's!


May God Bless us all.


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Happy SWSat!

Hope everyone had a Happy Holiday!

Here's a D&H GEEP spotting a car on the high line. Need to make room for some new rolling stock expected in any day now

The D&H was one of the connections for goods moving to and from New England along the B&M and New Haven among others.

2019-12-15 07.39.272019-12-15 07.36.09

Three Rails Are Better Than None 


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"Big 74" waits for direction from the foreman for its next assignment.  The big shifter arrived in 1925 as the heaviest 2-cylinder 0-8-0 every built.  Unfortunately, the C1 is not well liked by the crews due to its harsh ride, nor by management due to its higher maintenance costs.  But it sure can pull a long string of cars.  It was retired in 1950.


This is a Weaver model.





Volunteers don't get paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless!  Author Sherry Anderson


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Good morning fellow switcher fans!  Great pics and video so far today guys!  Love the New England Railroads btw!!  Seems to be the theme set forth today.... thanks for setting that up FHZ563!   Unfortunately my layout's theme is railroads of Maryland from 1946 - 1960. ( I do own some Boston & Maine, and Central of Vermont freight cars plus a ABA set of D&H PAs which of course are not switchers ) Here are some of Maryland's railroads with their switchers in action.... Patapsco and Back Rivers ( a Bethlehem Steel RR serving Baltimore's BSC huge plant at Sparrow's Point ), Western Maryland, and B&O of course.   Have a wonderful weekend and .... HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!  IMG_2001IMG_2263IMG_2251IMG_2121IMG_7182IMG_7277IMG_7290IMG_7293IMG_7295IMG_7359IMG_7393IMG_7412IMG_7480IMG_2010

Cheers and Happy Railroading,

Patrick W  

CEO - The Free State Junction Railway 

" Where the music is sweet and the trains always run on time"

Home Office - Patsburg, Maryland 


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Happy SWSAT!

I call this pic "tracks":


On the PER the EMD SW1500 model is a GP, a jack-of-all-trades:





"Finishing switching the East End, setting-out a Gon at the scrapyard."




All photos are mine unless specifically noted otherwise.


Operator of the Plywood Empire Route in the Beautiful Berkshires

Growing old is so much more fun than the only alternative.


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The Akron, Canton & Youngstown Railroad ran from Delphos, Ohio to Canton, Ohio.  While a small Class 1 line, it interchanged with several larger Class 1's as it crossed the state.  It was eventually merged into Norfolk & Western, but retained its identity until its abandonment.

When I moved to Delphos over 30 years ago, there were still remnants of the AC&Y, as well as the Nickel Plate, that existed in town. While I never had the opportunity to see an AC&Y FM in action, I did see one parked along Washington street when I was a child passing through town. 

When Lionel offered the Fairbanks-Morse H16-44 in AC&Y paint I had to have one.  Here is a short video of AC&Y H16-44 #202 going about its daily chores, spotting a NP boxcar at a warehouse.

Happy New Year, everyone!



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Dear SS Fans,

Cherry Valley 0 scale 2 rail club in Merchantville NJ is designing a large switching operation featuring a large grain facility , steel mill , petrochemical plant and other assorted industries.

Please enjoy the photos.

Thank you!! 
John P Dunn Sr. President CVMRR

609-432-2871.  jdunn8888@comcast.net


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Ex-AT&SF CF7 road switcher #2425 one of two leased by NYS&W for the Sparta re-build project, rests at Little Ferry, NJ- Nov. 86'. Two hundred and thirty three CF7s were re-built from Santa Fe F units at their Cleburne, Texas shop between 1970- 1978. All were off the Santa Fe roster by 1987.

                                                                      MY PHOTO


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RSJB18 posted:

Great video Ray. Is that your layout or a club? 

Thank you, That is my layout, been dormant for a long time but coming back to life now that I am fully retired.


Well I will say that it looks beautiful! A great way to enjoy retirement. Congrats!


Three Rails Are Better Than None 

An NS switcher, likely a GP 38-2, switches our mill the week before Christmas.  When you see the dark IMG_0382 [1)environment the switching crew works in , you can appreciate the care they have to take in order to not get hurt.


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Went to a local Christmas display with the family tonight.   The area garden railway group has a large annual display.  A few pieces fit in here


May God Bless us all.


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