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UnclePete, I used: DD01WM Pre Wired White Strip LED 3528 I got from Amazon. Came in pack of 10 as I recall.

They use 12V-18V.  I have used a lot of them to light up old Lionel buildings. I use an old K Line transformer from a set to power all of them up around the layout.

The Diner itself uses the Menards 4.5V power supply.

Comment for Retired and for JamesR ... Ref your photos of your lighting mods.  Your added LEDs provide a very nice night time illumination.  I like 'em.  Thanks for posting them.

Question for Cabinet Bob ... When I play your above video, I hear a noticeable humming sound.  Is that coming from the Menards diorama?  If so, from the vapor delivery or general sound from the diesel?

Question for anyone who now has one of these Menards dioramas.  I am interested if one can access the diesel cab area and / or the inside of the diner add-on building in order to add LED lighting/interior furnishings.  In same vein, are the diner add-on double doors and double windows transparent or solid/opaque? It is a nice diorama, but with interior lighting and a few interior furnishings, it'd be exceptionally nice.  I don't mind doing the lighting/interiors mods myself; just want to know the diorama is accessible to do the mods before buying the diorama.



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@UnclePeteRR posted:

What the correct adapter to use? They show 3 different Amps at bottom of the listing. I know the hotel needs

the 5000 Amp version. UnclePeteRR

According to the information on the Rocket Diner Webpage, any of those listed adapters will work, but the 5000mA one can supply way more power than needed for this accessory.  The 1000mA one should be fine.  For a couple dollars more you could get the 2000mA adapter with 3 connectors on it for accessories like this one that draw little power (lighted autos for example).

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This accessory by Menards resonates with my life-long interest in the Rock Island (CRI&P) and the O-gauge collection based on RI trains  I gathered over 25 years - Lionel, MTH, Marx, Williams, Weaver, and other brands.  To complement the trains, I framed a RI DINER art poster and a puzzle based on that same image -- it's shown as an attachment.

I already have STELLA'S DINER (by K-Line) on my layout, but I intend to remove it and install the new Menard's ROCKET DINER in its place.

Thanks for the tips about adding an ON/OFF switch for the smoke feature and a lamp post.

Mike Mottler   LCCA 12394


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