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"on the back wall behind electronics and DVDs"  I will have to go back to Target and take a look.  I never thought to ask if they were somewhere else other than the toy section.  Thank you for the tip!! I got 3 or 4 of the single pack folks at WalMart, but haven't been back for a while.  I hate the crowds at the nearest WalMart.

That's quite alright!  I'm an 'old guy' who doesn't spend much time in either section!  LOL  The toy section sure looks different from when our grown daughters were young!  As for DVD section; I guess the equivalent was the record section when an album cost about $10 for 10 songs back before double digit inflation of the late '70s early '80s.  LOL  thank you for broadening my horizons!!


     Could you let me know the UPC code on the 20 fig box?  Thanks for the heads up about the location. I was at the toy section of Target yesterday and they had no idea what I was talking about. I'll check the DVD section next time I'm there.

Thanks, Ballz2, for providing Mark and Eilif with the UPC code. My wife and I are, and have been for the past week, about 200 miles away from my Hogwarts stuff to be with my wife's sister in the hospital.  

I had previously seen the Burrow-Weasley home puzzle mentioned by KJ356 on-line, but I can't tell how it would scale out with the Diagon Alley puzzle we already have.  I would probably have room on the train table for both if the Burrow was the about same scale as Diagon Alley, but I think that would be a pretty small puzzle.  My wife hasn't had time to put Diagon Alley together yet, but the dimensions stated would seem to indicate that the Burrow is pretty big in relation to D Alley.

Maybe someone will put them both together and post a pic. If my wife builds D Alley and then wants to build the Burrow, I'll be back.

On second thought, when has accurate scale ever been the hallmark of our beloved TOY trains?



Alan, you do have the hogwarts castle right? If so, How does that measure up with diagonal alley?  I just know that the two set hogwarts castle is a must have for the hogwarts express! I’m wondering if I should pick up diagon alley..  

Mark, it’s not too different than a regular puzzle - it’s just several smaller puzzles that you put together. Pretty fun if you ask me. 

No, Ballz2, I do not have the Hogwarts Castle puzzles.  What I know about them is limited to the posts I've seen on this topic and from looking at them on online shopping sites.  I may be wrong, but my impression is that they make up into fairly large footprint structures, but the actual "scale" is rather small.  

That said, I am sure they are adaptable to a layout, but, again, the area I have now and anticipate having later to dedicate to HP is limited, and I think Diagon Alley is the best fit with the most "play value" on my pike along with the Burrow if it is not too large.

From what I saw on the earlier posts, I am sure someone can set us both straight here.  

My wife and I (mostly my wife) have also put together a 3D puzzle, ironically a Bavarian Castle that came out years ago.  These Webbit Puzzles might be a little different because of the "extra" pieces Referred to in the instructions, but I am sure the process is about the same.  

If D Alley goes together well, I likely will glue it to foam core  or cardstock to make it more "permanent." The Bavarian Castle was displayed on a shelf at home for awhile then pulled apart and put back in the box.  

Come to think of it, maybe I should try to find that old puzzle and take another look at it.




Just scored the 20 pack.  It was at Target by the DVD's just as others have found.   Various other Metalfigs also.

Very interested by the uncoming wave 2 singles preview on the back even if there's only a couple figures that aren't already available.  I'll snap a pic and put it up this week if no one beats me too it.

As I haven't seen an of the Wave 2 singles in stores yet, I think I've finally managed to acquire all the currently available figures!

EILIF,  congratulations!!  I know, I never would have thought they would have put that group of items there.  Maybe it makes total sense to people who normally buy those items, but it didn't make sense to this 61-year old train guy!  LOL

Mark B-

I get the impression that has to do with role playing games and things like that. Back in the day it was Dungeons & Dragons. Military figures reenacting battles, etc. Think it's more of a literature type item in this case than a toy. Not something a young child would really play with.  If it was it would be plastic.  I could be totally off the mark but that's my opinion.  

I think that is a good point Train Nut!  Both our sons-in-law like figurines of video game characters, super heroes, etc.  The only things I remember like that were the green plastic army men we positioned in the dirt along with plain metal vehicles.  

Thanks Mark!

As for the location at Taget I'm not sure why. Walmart puts their Nano Metalfigs of all types right in the middle of the action figures area and they seem to be selling very well.   Target does have a smaller toy section than Walmart so maybe it's just thier way of testing the waters while saving toy  shelf space for toys they know sell well?  At Target's around here the DVD/collectible section is just across the main aisle from the toy area.

Regarding kids today, they certainly like their big action figures and don't play with plain green army men as much, but there's alot of smaller scale toys that sell well also. My son has lots of hot-wheels and a fair number of star wars micro machines.  Of course he likes toy army men too but that's probably my doing.

Slightly off-topic, but for those who like fantasy or sci-fi and army men there is considerable hope. They are certainly not as popular as 40 years ago, but much like when I was a kid in the 80's, they are around and there are actually a number of options these days that we didn't have (or were very hard to find).  Currently there are buckets of army men for around $10 in Fantasy, Mythological creatures, pirates, Sci-fi style army men, aliens, zombies and others.  I picked up a Piates vs skelletons exa at the resale shop yesterday. 

I recently reviewed an army man bucket that has a distinctly Starship Troopers (movie version) or ALIEN look.  The review is aimed at wargamers and mostly focuses on the terrain pieces, but you folks might find it interesting.

They're shorter (40mm to the eye)  than some other toy soldiers and so might look good alongside O-scale stuff if your layout is in need of defense against an alien invasion.

Here’s the horntail. It’s pretty light so the puzzle castle can hold it no problem and scale wise it totally fits.  It’s also comes with a little hill scene with a golden egg that.. without the castle can sort of fit the train in a different area. 


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So no sooner that I buy the horntail dragon for ~18 bucks (down from 30, which I thought was a good deal) that it goes on sale at gamestop.. for $6.50!!!!  They have another dragon, the basilisk, and such on sale for the same price as well.  Very Good opportunity to get it. I'll return the barnes and noble one and keep this one

Finally got my review of the 20 pack posted. Full review here:


Great deal and very convenient. I'm most pleased about these 4 figures, which are of Ginny, Neville, Moody and Hagrid that are currently not available outside this set.


The back of the box also even has some pictures that clearly deliniate which figures are availble singly now and which will be part of wave 2.

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